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Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Herlini Amran, a legislator from the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), has called for the strengthening of agencies such as the National Commission for Children, the National Commission for Children`s Protection and the Children`s Affairs Directorate.

These agencies should be strengthened and then be made to design and implement a program to protect chidlren, she said.

“At present, millions of Indonesian children, are powerless. Most of them are even in the streets to beg, sing for money or steal,” Amran said here on Thursday commenting on National Children`s Day.

The National Children`s Day should only be observed ceremonially but be filled with concrete actions, she said.

In 2009, there were 1,998 cases of violence against children, up from 1,736 cases in
2008, according to data from the National Commission for Children Protection.

Children needed protection, not only for their body, but also their intellectual and moral, she said.

“There are many children who have no access to education as there is still discrimination and restriction against poor children,” she said.

Meanwhile, Acting Director of World Vision Indonesia Amelia Merrick said the National Children`s Day momentum should be used to remind all public components about the important of fulfilling Indonesian children`s rights for education, health, nutrition, guidance and protection.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called on all circles along with the government to take concrete action in the protection of the rights of children to promote their condition and quality.
The President made the call at this year`s national children`s day observance at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TII) Lengen Budoyo Center in Jakarta Friday. (*)


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